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Building on the Love of Music

With Deborah Henderson


Why Learn a Stringed Instrument?

Find Your Voice

For many people, a musical instrument - particularly in the string family - is an extension of what they can express with their voice. Some people turn to musical instruments to “find their voice”.

Playing a bowed stringed instrument like violin or cello gives the player a direct experience of RESONANCE. The instrument is alive with vibrations that we can feel as we play! Bowed strings also form the foundation of the orchestra, and therefore lend themselves to ensemble playing, which most musicians agree is more FUN! 

Learning to play a stringed instrument has many challenges. For this reason, it is important to connect with a teacher who can introduce skills in small steps in order to build motivation and self-esteem through incremental successes.

There are now many research studies supporting the benefits for the brain of playing a musical instrument, regardless of one’s age. Hand / eye co-ordination, listening to pitch, and using fine motor skills help to engage the brain on many levels. Add to these the experience of playing with other people and we have all kinds of neurons firing!


Parents and students agree that their experiences in studying their instrument using the Suzuki approach have helped the students to learn self-discipline, goal-setting, co-operation, respect and perseverance. They develop an understanding of what it means to create something beautiful. They gain a sense of self confidence and satisfaction in being able to master new skills and share them with others.

Child Learning to Play the Violin at Henderson Music Studio

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Deborah has great knowledge of the violin and performance skills. She has a flexible teaching style, capable of tailoring to the needs of the individual student.  She understands everyone has a different journey and is there to support that journey to keep the student inspired.

She follows a baseline foundation and curriculum but can take detours to keep my daughter motivated, open to a variety of music.  Learning is about keeping the mind curious and she has kept my daughter learning violin for the last 10 years! She has improved self confidence in performance and is proud to use her skill outside of lessons. 

To the parent, she has given endless support in how to help the student at home, giving feedback on progress, and is always there for emergency string or tuning issues!

Beyond endless patience, and most importantly, Deborah connects with my daughter.  She makes extra time to listen when my daughter wants to share something unrelated to violin.  But then gently guides her back to the lesson.  My daughter comes out of her lesson happy and energized!

~ Teresa (parent)

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