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About Me

I Teach for The Impact Music Has On Us & Our Children


Deborah Henderson

DEBORAH HENDERSON, offers violin and cello lessons for children, teens and adults using both the Suzuki Method and Royal Conservatory syllabus.


With over 25 years of experience leading violin group classes and chamber music ensembles, she has a long list of very satisfied students and parents. Deborah's students come for their music lessons from many locations throughout Northumberland County, including Cobourg, Port Hope, Hope Township and Hamilton Township.


They range in age from 4 to 60+ and have a wide range of musical interests, including basic violin and cello instruction, classical music, Royal Conservatory examinations, pop music, folk and celtic fiddling.


Deborah lives in Port Hope where she has maintained a studio since 1997.  


She is a registered Suzuki teacher and holds degrees in Fine Arts and Education from Queen’s University.


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Deborah Henderson


My Mission

Building a Better World Through Music

Music is fundamental to the human experience and conveys a sense of meaning that cannot be put into words.  I look at every student as a unique individual and work with their learning style and personal goals. Learning to listen and to play the instrument are skills which come before reading notation. However, I also teach the fundamentals of music theory and literacy in order to help students to learn more independently as they progress. Once these fundamental skills are established, my role becomes one of mentorship to help the student to discover repertoire that is meaningful and interesting to them, while offering new technical challenges to develop greater expressive possibilities. In his Philosophy of Music Education Larry Judd, a music educator of 36 years writes: “Music is an expressive, aural art…It is a means of emotional fulfillment, an explanation of existence. … Music is an active, personal art which demands emotional and physical participation. A study of music based upon an active, creative involvement…. allows man to develop aesthetic sensitivity to the beauty around him and enables him to enjoy a richer, more meaningful life.”

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