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My Services

I Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs & Exceed Your Expectations

From private lessons, in person, to online to small groups - a suite of services designed to ensure your music journey meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

To get started, click "book now" and select a date and time for your free consultation (no obligation of course) where we will review and lay out a personalized learning plan that's right for you.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons

I generally recommend a 30 min lesson for beginners and young children.


Adult beginners sometimes prefer 45 min.


For players with experience, I recommend 45 – 60 min.


For students doing RCM exams above gr. 5, 60 min is necessary in order to cover technical requirements as well as repertoire.

Private lessons can be a balance of
in-person sessions and online.


$30 for 30 (minutes)

$60 for 60 (minutes)

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There is just something to be said for in-person training.  

While there are certain aspects of technique which can be taught online, in-person training is my preference for the following:


  • tone production and sound quality

  • Beginners - it is best to be in person with the teacher to monitor posture, instrument balance and hand position.

  • Progression - learning of new skills

I recommend the balance of both online (convenience) and in-person (progression) training.

In Person


Lessons are available online using a series of platforms for your convenience (Zoom, Face Time, Google Meet, Facebook Messenger).

The technology is useful to prevent the forfeit of lessons due to health issues, poor weather or conflicts with family activities.


I do not endorse the exclusive use of online platforms for teaching music. Online lessons should be combined with in-person sessions.

Internet requirements and setup should be discussed with the teacher in advance. Some rural internet plans do not have the bandwidth to support the sound and video capabilities needed for online music lessons.

Online Music Lesson
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Private Group Session

These sessions are negotiated on a case by case basis according to the various stages of progression students are in. Students enjoy playing small ensembles with others who have a similar level of ability.

To learn more about group sessions please contact me directly at 905-269-6438.

Group Session


This is a structured approach with classes running on the same day and time for a period of sessions.

Classes only run when a minimum of 4 students are enrolled.

Classes are categorized to fit the student's age / playing experience.

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